Upcoming Events

January 14-15 , 2017 “Rainforest Parrot Seminars” Loxahatchee, FL USA.  A one-day event, Rainforest Parrot Seminars, presented by Kaytee Products, features a full day with 2 world renowned avian experts. The day will include 4 hours each with Dr Susan Clubb DVM and Barbara Heidenreich, animal trainer and behavior specialist. Lectures, Q&A, training demonstrations and more. A box lunch will be included in the registration fee. Registration fee $50. Advance registrations only please! Contact Terry Timberlake for further details and/or to register. Phone or text 561-635-0676 or email rainforestfeed@aol.com or TT1Cowgirl@aol.com. Click Here for more.

NEW! January 21, 2017 Noon- 1:30 Central Time LIVE WEBINAR: Solutions for Biting and Aggressive Behavior in Companion Parrots
Tired of getting bit by your parrot? Are you stumped by his or her aggressive behavior? Professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich has solutions for you. Includes optional 30 minutes Q & A at the end. Click Here to Register $34.95

NEW! January 28, 2017 Noon- 1:30 Central Time LIVE WEBINAR: Addressing Screaming for Attention in Companion Parrots  Challenged by a parrot that vocalizes loudly to get your attention? Tried everything and are still having a hard time getting it to stop? Professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich has solutions for you. Includes optional 30 minutes Q & A at the end. Click Here to Register $34.95

NEW! February 4, 2017 Noon- 1:30 Central Time LIVE WEBINAR: Solutions for Parrot Behavior Problems Related to Hormones Territorial aggression, biting family members and excessive vocalizations have all been attributed to parrots with reproductive hormones in overdrive. Learn how to prevent hormone amplification and what to do if a parrot is presenting undesired behavior due to a drive to reproduce.  Click Here to Register $34.95

SOLD OUT! February 7-9, 2017 “Advanced Animal Training Workshop: Practical Application” San Antonio, TX, USA. Hosted by the San Antonio Zoo. This workshop will focus on hands on practical application of training technology. Participants will have the opportunity to train animals in the zoo’s collection with guidance from instructor Barbara Heidenreich. Sessions will include an emphasis on fine tuning proficiency and adding new skills to your repertoire. Registration is limited to ensure more individualized attention. Lecture time will be minimal and focused on more advanced topics such as behavior economics, response choices to undesired behavior, evaluating practical application skills, influencing motivation and more. Sold out but we are accepting names for the waiting list and for a possible second event in 2017 at http://www.animaltrainingcourse.com/

SOLD OUT! February 25-26, 2017 “The Art and Science of Animal Training Conference” Dallas, TX, USA. Barbara will be participating in this event.  This is the conference for you if you really want to challenge yourself as a professional trainer. The combination of truly accomplished scientists and trainers raises the bar when it comes to conferences targeting animal training professionals.  Stimulating presentations and conversations occupy every moment that passes far too quickly.  You will leave knowing there is much more to learn and we have only just scratched the surface. More info at https://www.artandscienceofanimaltraining.org/conference/


NEW! August 25-27, 2017 “Avian Behavior and Training Workshop for Veterinary Professionals” Dallas, OR, USA. Open to veterinary professionals (or those studying to be) interested in working with parrots. This comprehensive two-day workshop at Cockatoo Downs will include the following: Practicing force-free handling skills with live parrots, understand the principles of training with positive reinforcement, reading and interpreting parrot body language, info and resources to educate clients about enrichment, behavior problems, training, pros and cons of flight, methods of seed diet transitions to pellets, strategies for getting clients to book annual exams. Interact, train, and hang out with the free flying cockatoos. Attendees will also have opportunities to work with chickens. And much more! Instructors Barbara Heidenreich, Chris Shank and Pamela Clark, CVT. Limited to 20 spaces. Learn more at this link http://www.cockatoodowns.com/avian-behavior-workshop-2017.html