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“Thanks for an amazing seminar. We valued it so much. Personally it help me immensely. You are such a beacon for animals in human care and their caretakers. But the very best part of you is your amazing positive attitude and your ability to encourage in any situation.”¬† ~ Emma Mitchell, Mammal Keeper, Gladys Porter Zoo

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“I love all your courses and information. So many examples stand out in my mind. I guess there’s no point in listing all of them! Everything of yours that I watch and read is inspiring and extremely helpful. I wish everyone could see some of your before and after videos. Every zoo, every pet owner, and every person who interacts with animals and thinks they can’t be taught certain things. I’m repeatedly awed by your ingenuity and all the different ways you come up with to train different behaviors in different animals. It’s magical to watch you and your focus and patience, your ideas and the adjustments you make on the spot, and the results you get. You are inspiring.” ~ Melissa – Individual Member