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Celebration Time!

HOW DID YOU DO? Congratulations! You completed our first 5-day challenge. I hope you had fun and learned a few things along the way. Even…

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Day 5

ALMOST TO THE FINISH LINE You are in the home stretch now! Hopefully by now you have been able to get your animal into the…

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Day 4

GETTING INTO POSITION Today you will begin transitioning to placing the object your animal has been holding in its mouth into its stand or base…

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Day 3

WE ARE HALFWAY THERE! Today you will begin building reinforcement history for your animal placing its mouth on two items held together that will eventually…

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Day 2

YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY How did Day 1 go? Be sure to check in with the Facebook Group. You can post videos, photos, and ask…

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Day 1

LET’S GET STARTED! Are you excited to start training? I hope so! Hopefully you have an object identified for your animal to mouth. Your assignment…

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Welcome to the Challenge

YES YOU CAN! Welcome to the challenge! Here is a short introduction to the back story on this behavior. One thing I forgot to mention…

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Behavior Challenge – Open Mouth

In this 5-day challenge you will be guided through training an open mouth behavior using a shaping plan developed by Barbara Heidenreich. Throughout the challenge…

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