Roadmap Category: Problem Solving

What Kind of General Route Does Everyone Prefer?

We’ve identified the stakeholders. now we need to find out what is important to them. Do they prefer the quickest route? The more scenic route? One that is moderately scenic and moderately time consuming? This information can really impact how well the journey goes, especially if stakeholders have the ability to change travel plans.

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Who Plays a Part in this Trip?

You will want to know everyone who is going on the trip or may have some involvement in the trip. This may include people providing financial support, covering for those who will be out of town, etc. Another way to think of this is who are the the stakeholders?

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What General Route Will You Take?

You can think of the route as the principles and procedures that will be used to address the behavior problem. We want to have a good general idea of where we are going (how we will proceed.) But we are also prepared to make changes based on what we may encounter along our journey.

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