ATF Professional Development Program

Professional Development Achievement Program wants your educational experiences with us to be recognized. Whether you attend courses online, enjoy a live event, listen to a podcast, follow a specialist track or simply enjoy learning for the sake of learning, our system has a way to track your professional development. Learn more about some of the options available below.

Specialty Tracks provide a roadmap on which content to study to better prepare for areas of specific interest within the animal training industry. See the current Tracks available below.

You can find all your personal professional development achievement tracking on the "SHARE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS" page. We highly recommend sharing your course and track badges as these represent significant achievements.

podcasts and livestreams

Course Work Badges

These are the badges earned for specific courses identified within the program that have been completed. These courses generally involve a variety of steps and reflect study of content that is significant in the exotic animal training industry. Here are the just the badges you can earn for participating in GOATS 2020. Additonal badges are available for other courses within

Specialty Tracks

A Track Badge represents a significant achievement. A track is a collection of courses and/or other relevant material within the education program that has been identified as relevant to a specific specialty or focus within the animal training industry. Completion of the track signifies the learner has studied and completed a collection of material in this area of special interest. Badges here reflect the tracks completed. Track Badges also earn the learner several thousand points. Click on the Zoo Professional track to see a sample of the content required to earn this badge.


Road maps are a super fun and interactive way to guide you through your professional development and especially through the Track Badges. This is a feature available to members of

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