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This is a 30-day challenge.Throughout the challenge you will be provided with digital downloads that outline specific steps that are recommended to help you achieve your goals of addressing undesired fear responses. However a most important resource in helping you understanding the application of these steps is taking the course “When the Right Thing is Negative. Optimizing Welfare with Negative Reinforcement.” If you are a member of you have immediate access to this course.  If you are not yet a member you can view membership options here. You can also try out the monthly individual membership option for 10 days for only $1 by using the code CHALLENGE10. The course takes about 2 hours to complete. You will be sent messages and reminders to complete the downloads on a specific schedule throughout the thirty days to help guide you through the challenge.

Register for the Challenge here. Registration will result in a series of guided email instructions to help keep you on track.



Group favorites Kwinn and trainer Emma demonstrating their accomplishments in the 5-day challenge!

What participants said.....

“I would like to say thank you to Barbara Heidenreich for this experience! It’s amazing to see all the different sessions and read the comments and suggestions! Very, very, helpful!”

“Thanks again for hosting this challenge. It has motivated me in ways I didn't expect.”

“Thank you, Barbara! This challenge has been so much fun. I can't wait for another challenge. Such a lovely group of people!”

“This has been amazing. Thank you, Barbara Heidenreich. You are awesome! THANK YOU!!!!”


“I feel we all learned a lot. And I don't think we would have trained the monitor lizard if it hadn’t been for this challenge... and then there are all the animals to come. We made plans for more species!”

“This has been a great challenge. I loved watching all the other species/training ideas. Thank you.”

“I only took this on because you made this such a safe space to play and question everything. That is so important for learners. Thank you.”


This is a free 5-day challenge. Throughout the challenge you will be provided with digital downloads, resources, and video clips that outline specific steps that are recommended to help you achieve the goal of training this specific behavior. You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can discuss your triumphs and challenges as well as share ideas with fellow challenge participants.


Is there a purchase required or hidden fees?

Nope. This is completely free. There is no purchase required or additional fees. Members of do get access to a few additional resources that are a normal part of membership that they can utilize during the challenge.  However this is not required to participate in the challenge.


What animal is best suited for this behavior challenge?

Species that are physically able to easily place their mouth on an object are best suited for this behavior. For example a parrot, a dog, a bear, a fox, a raccoon, a ferret, etc. There are some species in which this action may be very atypical for the species for example suction feeders, or animals more likely to peck than open their mouths. These animals may not be the best candidates for this shaping plan.


My schedule is unpredictable. How might that impact my ability to participate?

I hear that! This challenge is designed to be "somewhat" scheduled. In other words I give you access to small lessons daily to help move you along through the challenge. However you can implement them whenever you have time. Our only time sensitive event is a daily Live Q & A session at 1:00 PM Central. The rest of the activities can occur when it suits your schedule.


Will this include private coaching from Barbara?

You will receive pre-recorded video instructions from me, a daily Live Q & A session from me, and I will also provide feedback in the private Facebook group.


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