Virtual Consultations with Barbara Heidenreich

​Zoos, Wildlife Facilities, Nature Centers, Conservation Projects, Universities, Scientific Projects, Museums, Training Professionals, Veterinary Professionals, ​Aspiring Professionals, etc.

​Barbara Heidenreich is currently offering virtual consultations to facilities and individuals caring for exotic, native wildlife and domestic animals in managed care, professionals with a special interest in science based training technology, conservation projects, veterinary professionals and those aspiring to work in the field. Click Here to learn more how a virtual consultation can help you address your behavior challenges and goals.

​Looking for Help for Companion Parrots? Please See These AWESOME Resources

​Barbara is not offering private consulting services for the companion parrot community at the moment. However she does have a plethora of comprehensive resources already available to address companion parrot behavior problems and reach desired goals. Check out these awesome resources!

Help for Parrot Behavior Problems: Screaming, Aggressive Behavior, Trust Issues, Hormones, etc. (Comprehensive Webinar Recordings) Click Here to check out everything!

​​Instructional Parrot Training Videos: Basics of Training, Body Language, Training to Talk, Vet Exam, etc  (Vimeo on Demand) Click Here to see all the titles available.

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