An Analysis of Emotion Words, Private Emotions and Emotional Behavior

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Israel Goldiamond (2022) recognized the ability to tact (state under certain circumstances) an emotion word given a set of variables is not sufficient in identification of the relevant contingencies that describe the emotion. “Many patients who are quite capable of reporting affect do not report the relevant contingencies (they do not tact them, cf. Skinner, 1957 ). The recording of affect, and of circumstances of its experience, can then be used to discover regnant contingencies.” Similarly, those working in the animal training community may have experienced labels such as anxious, friendly, scared, aggressive, or apathetic used to describe animal affect. Individuals may have the ability to use emotion words or apply emotion words to emotional behavior but not be able to describe their associated contingencies. A contingency analysis is required to analyze and intervene in ways that provide best outcomes for the organism. This presentation will discuss an analysis of the emotion words, disentangling private emotions from emotional behavior. Multiple sources of control will also be discussed.

This course takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

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