No Way? Take the High Way!

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This badge signifies completion of the course “When There’s No Way? Take the High Way! Equipment Ideas, Creative Solutions, and Collaborations to Help You Accomplish Your Training Goals” By Annette Pedersen of the Copenhagen Zoo.  In an ideal world we have all the skills, time, staff, facility design, etc. to attain the perfect result from our training. In the real world, the conditions may be a bit different. How can we train a group of animals if the enclosure design makes stationing or separation close to impossible? How can we get a previously untrained lion to participate in a voluntary injection when we only have a few days before the animal needs to be anesthetized for transportation? What might be possible when trainers and veterinarians combine their knowledge on training and medical supplies? In this presentation learn share how creative setups, different equipment, new technologies, and knowledge from other fields of expertise can help you reach your training goals!

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