Optimizing Welfare with Negative Reinforcement

Optimizing Welfare with Negative Reinforcement

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Procedures that utilize negative reinforcement to impact behavior have been a topic of controversy in the animal training community. This has been perpetuated by thought leaders who critique its use as coercive. However, this broad interpretation grossly misrepresents the diverse applications of negative reinforcement in a procedure. It also fails to recognize the difference between contrived and functional reinforcers which also drastically impacts application. Progressive animal trainers are discovering that there are countless behaviors maintained by animals seeking the removal of a stimulus already in the environment, or one that is required for the terminal behavior. After many years of push back, learning how to shape behavior with negative reinforcement is now being recognized more widely as an important tool for optimizing animal welfare. This course will explore procedural details to facilitate success with a variety of species.

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This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

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