Science in Science Based Training

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This badge signifies completion of the course What Happened to the Science in Science Based Training? The study of learning and behavior as a natural phenomenon is in its infancy. Yet today, this complex science is increasingly reduced and weakened with human rationalizations that practitioners of behavior change need “simple tools” to make sense of its complexity. How do we rescue this immense science from a world where recipes and overly simplistic roadmaps tempt trainers to become instant experts? Where does a trainer turn when day-to-day (year to year) observations from demanding hands-on work with animals in their care tell them that something is missing from the “scientific information” provided in the latest well-intentioned opinion? This course explores this and other questions with information about the history of the still fledgling field of behavior analysis and how such questions and challenges have been examined by behavior scientists and practitioners over the last half century. What does this scientific history teach animal trainers about what behaviorists do, the procedures they use and the ethical struggles they have faced? And how can we continue to make progress in the application of a science when pressures by colleagues, organizations, and even certifying bodies threaten personal and professional punishment if individuals or organizations do not adopt the newest shortcut to education and experience? Once you complete the course,  fill out the form to submit your request for admin to review and issue your badge.

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