Training from A to Z

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This badge signifies completion of the course Training from A to Z – From arapaima to zebra, training is for everyone at the Zoo! These days most good Zoos have training programs, but not all species experience the benefits. Marine mammals, large carnivores and great apes have a long history of training for improved welfare in zoos, but the less traditional species such as nocturnal mammals, reptiles, fish and breeding program birds often miss out.This course demonstrates how promoting inclusivity in our animal training programs can transform the way we care for all kinds of animals in Zoos and aquaria. Using examples from across the taxonomic groups, we explore the diverse ways in which Zoo animal caregivers are replacing traditional methods of husbandry and medical care, such as manual restraint, with a co-operative and progressive approach to animal care, and provide evidence into how this change is having a positive impact on Zoo animal welfare, whatever the animal. Once you complete the course,  fill out the form to submit your request for admin to review and issue your badge.

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