Training Rhino Species in Managed Care to Improve Welfare

50 Points

This badge signifies completion of the course Training Rhino Species in Managed Care to Improve Welfare presented by Barbara Heidenreich.

This course outlines the key considerations for training rhinoceros species, focusing on species commonly seen in managed care. It highlights the ethological differences between rhino species (browsers vs. grazers, climate variations, social dynamics) and how these can influence training approaches.

This course details steps for training new behaviors and explores when to use different procedures. It outlines common training goals for rhinos, categorized into behaviors useful for daily care (such as target training, separation, recall) and medical procedures (including leaning in, opening mouth, foot care, and blood sampling).

Species-specific tools and safety considerations are addressed, emphasizing protected contact training due to rhinos’ limited vision and potential for quick, powerful movements. The course concludes by acknowledging undesired responses (fear, aggression, repetitive behaviors) and some strategies for addressing them.

Finally, this course will introduce the ZAA Animal Training Best Practices Guidelines for Southern White Rhinos as a valuable resource for further information.

This course takes approximately 1 hour to complete. 

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