Transforming Tiger Behavior with R-

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This badge signifies the completion of the course Transforming Tiger Behavior Using a Negative Reinforcement Procedure

In March 2022 Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark, received a new male tiger and as most big cats when they have been moved to a new facility, he needed some time to adjust to his new environment and caretakers. During that phase it turned out that the hardest part was getting used to the new people. By using systematic desensitization three of his four caretakers managed to make their way to his acceptance and slowly others were also allowed in his presence. Except one: His caretaker Holger Wisbøl. For unknown reasons Holger was not welcome. The tiger showed an extremely aggressive response whenever he could see or even hear Holger. After weeks of trying all former procedures of desensitizing him to Holger, the team finally went for their most recent and least experienced resource: “a negative reinforcement procedure”. The result was stunning!

This course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

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