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Congratulations! You completed our first 5-day challenge. I hope you had fun and learned a few things along the way. Even if you didn't quite reach your goal in 5-days, it's OK there really isn't a deadline to train this behavior The intention was to give you the tools and guidance to set you on a pathway to success. The Facebook group and information you accessed here will remain active for a few more weeks to give you time to continue pursuing this training goal. I will also check in with you again down the road.

P.S. Look for an additional download on this page to where you can check off the study materials you completed.


I'd love to hear your feedback about the challenge.  I have a 30-day challenge scheduled next. Thanks to your very enthusiastic participation it looks there will be more 5-day challenges in the future. Let me know if there are specific behaviors you would like addressed in a challenge. 


If you would like your experience in the challenge featured on the AnimalTrainingFundamentals.com social media, website, etc. click the button below. I love sharing your success stories!


Here is a link to information on our upcoming challenge on fear responses. This one starts in April and will take you through an in-depth 2 hour course and a 30-day guided application of the procedures for addressing fear responses. I am looking forward to this one!


Members Only: Finished this Challenge? (Check to see that the circle at the top of the page shows 100% completed) Click Here to submit your request for your badge. Be sure to include a link to a video clip of your trained behavior. Learn more about badges and our Professional Development Achievement Program Here.

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