Day 4



Today you will begin transitioning to placing the object your animal has been holding in its mouth into its stand or base you designed. Hopefully you have built up enough reinforcement history in the previous step that your animal is "targeting its mouth" to this object.  Essentially putting the object in its mouth is so reinforcing it seeks it out wherever it is. This will make it easy for your animal to align itself with your base or stand so you do not have to hold the object in your hands.

This also means making sure the height you have chosen for the placement of the object is appropriate. 

Share your update in our private Facebook Group! This special pop up group is just for this behavior challenge. Here are some things you can do in the group:

*Post videos and photos of your progress
*Ask questions of fellow challenge participants
*Share ideas that are working for you
*Participate in a daily livestream chat with Barbara Heidenreich

Today's LIVE Facebook Chat will be at 1:00 PM Central (Austin, TX, USA)

Use this time and date converter to learn what time that it is in your part of the world


Here is a great podcast episode to consider listening to about setting up your environment that is relevant to this step and also Step 1.

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