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Welcome to the challenge! Here is a short introduction to the back story on this behavior. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is how fast this shaping plan can lead to results. This is one of the reasons I thought it would make for a great challenge. I am optimistic you will make progress quickly on this behavior.

Each day a new step in this challenge will be revealed with videos and resources to guide you through training the behavior.


Before you start training, it is important you are prepared. In this clip I go over the supplies I used and what you will want to gather to help you reach your goal. Don't worry! Nothing fancy is required to train this behavior. Download the two PDF's for additional details and for a checklist to make sure you are ready for Day 1 of training.

Remember to join our private Facebook Group! This special pop up group is just for this behavior challenge. Here are some things you can do in the group:

*Post videos of your progress
*Ask questions of fellow challenge participants
*Share ideas that are working for you
*Participate in a daily livestream chat with Barbara Heidenreich

 Monday - Friday LIVE Facebook Chats will be at 1:00 PM Central (Austin, TX, USA)

Use this time and date converter to learn what time that it is in your part of the world

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Lessons in this Course:

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