The Hoof Curl Apparatus

One of the key factors in helping animals be successful with this behavior is antecedent arrangement. Meaning can we provide an apparatus that will make it easy for the animal to comfortably rest its leg in the desired position for access to the underside.  

I have seen numerous creative designs to facilitate this depending on the species. And I imagine the designs will keep coming.  Designs have been as simple as a bale of hay. For some animals this has been too slick, and we needed to cover the bale with a mat or blanket for comfort and traction. Others have woven firehose around the bale. Some have made custom blocks. We have used sandbags for rhinos. We often improvise on the spot. You will see in one video we folded over a mat. I have seen slings. But these may require some physical manipulation of the leg of the animal. Depending on the sensitivity of the animal physically moving the leg could create a big set-back. If you have a great design that works for the species you care for, please click the box at the end of the course and share in the Forum.

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