The Global Online Animal Training Summit (GOATS) is a 2 day virtual event catered towards professionals and aspiring professionals who work with exotic animals in managed care. This event is primarily focused on providing attendees with information designed to enhance practical application skills and knowledge. There is also a special emphasis on providing evidence based information. Presenters have been carefully chosen for their quality content and engaging presentation skills. This event also features live training demonstrations from around the world.  Participants also have the opportunity to partake in a Mastermind Session in which we discuss a hot topics in the animal training field.

The first GOATS was held in 2020. The second one will be November 14-15, 2021. I hope to continue to bring GOATS to you as an annual event. You will find links to access information on past GOATS events and upcoming GOATS on this page.

GOATS 2021

GOATS 2020

Don't Take our Word for It! Here is What Participants Had to Say

It was truly a global event with 25 countries represented! I have been flooded with messages of gratitude to all of those who shared their expertise. It has been an honor to bring you these amazing professionals. Here are just a few of the wonderful compliments received.

"I want to say THANK YOU!!!!! for hands down the best conference I have attended this year.:-)  LOVED the format, the speakers were outstanding, and you did an outstanding job facilitating.  Kudos all around!!!  I am SOO excited about what I saw and learned there.  Can't wait to put it into practice!!:-)"

"Listening and learning from new voices was refreshing and invigorating. Too difficult to choose my favorite presenter. All was stellar and offered information that complimented the other presenters' subject matter."

"I already learned something new in the first 10 minutes!"

"You got some seriously awesome presenters!"

"Wow, I for one have so much to digest. I am grateful for this opportunity to get nearly overwhelmed with new information!"

"Thank you so much. I couldn't be happier I signed up."

"Thank you! Such a brilliant learning experience!"

"Thank you from a small zoo in S. Korea!"