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Can I provide more than one item for the Virtual Swag Bag or Drawings?

Absolutely! The more items you provide, the more opportunities there are for your products and services to be featured.

What kinds of things should I provide for the Virtual Swag Bag?

You can get extremely creative with virtual swag. We encourage providing something of value versus straight ahead advertising material. Download our Swag Bag Suggestions.

Where do I send my materials?

You can email your materials to Barb@BarbarasFFAT.com and you can also upload large files to this link

When should I send in my materials?

It is recommended to send in your materials as soon as possible. This way we can start getting your products and services in front of our audience right away. We will be reaching out to our target audience many times before the event begins to encourage people to check out items they could win as well as telling people about great offers in the Virtual Swag Bag. Download the Sponsor Checklist to help organize materials and keep track of recommended dates to submit items.

Will you be providing your contact list?

Privacy laws do not permit us to distribute the information we collect on registrants. However we recommend you see our Virtual Swag Bag ideas download for creative ways to encourage participants to engage with your company.

Where is the audience based ?

The audience is international. However it is primarily US based and UK/European based.

How many people do you expect?

This is a great question! Our attendance in person and on-demand last year was over 200. However our exposure for sponsors far exceeded those numbers. Our Facebook event last year had over 1100 express interest. We post regularly in our Facebook event and feature certain level sponsors there. And every week our direct email marketing campain goes to thousands of animal professionals. The sooner your materials are on our site and in our campaigns, the more exposure you have to those considering registering for the event. We will be marketing via email, social media, and podcasting heavily right up until the event begins.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can reach Barbara directly at Barb@BarbarasFFAT.com and also +1- 512-423-7734. She is on What'sapp as well. The time zone is Central (Austin, TX, USA)

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