Global Online Animal Training Summit

What is GOATS?

GOATS is going through a change! Instead of a summit it is now going to be a series! It is still catered towards professionals and aspiring professionals who work with exotic animals in managed care. This series is primarily focused on providing participants with information designed to enhance practical application skills and knowledge. There is also a special emphasis on providing evidence based information. Presenters have been carefully chosen for their quality content and engaging presentation skills. This series also features live training demonstrations from around the world.  Participants also have the opportunity to partake in a Mastermind Sessions in which we discuss a hot topics in the animal training field.

We will be revising our registration options so that participants can register for individual presentations. This is because this will be an ongoing series. Those of you who have already registered will get access to our already scheduled presentations for 2021 or we are happy to refund your purchase.

When is GOATS?

January 10th,  2022 (Monday) for the first presentation in our series

11:00 AM -1:00 PM (13:00) Central Time (Austin, TX, USA) 

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Each presentation will be conducted over Zoom.  You will also have the option to ask questions of the presenters after each session as well as ask questions from our trainers providing demonstrations. Some sessions also have the opportunity to win prizes from our generous sponsors. We are aiming to try to keep the schedule for Mondays at 11:00 AM Central Time  However, please note the schedule is subject to change to accommodate our panel of international presenters and live training demos.



Confirmed speakers are Gerry Creighton (Ireland), Dr. Parvene Farhoody (USA), Hillary Hankey (USA), Barbara Heidenreich (USA), Jim Mackie (UK), and Annette Pedersen (Denmark.) You can learn more about them by visiting this page. Training demonstrations are currently planned to be streaming live from the following facilities: Avian Behavior International and Copenhagen Zoo. More presenters and demonstrations will be announced as they are confirmed!



We have two categories of Registration: Members and Non-Members. Members refers to people who belong to the online education program (See our terms for the definition of "member".) Registration allows you to participate in the live event. You will also receive access to the recorded versions of the presentations from presenters who have granted permission to record. Live Training Demonstrations, the Mastermind Session,  Live Q and A, and Drawings are all features of the live registration. 

Registration Member Live Event: Registration will be open soon. (with current active membership (see terms)

Registration Non Member Live Event:   Registration will be open soon.

Visit the Registration Page to Compare the Benefits of Each Option.



Selected presenters have elected to include the option for participants to win a Super Prize for attending their live presentation. GOATS gifts have also been made available from sponsors for some of the presentations.

GOATS Super Prizes:  A name will be chosen from all the registrants for those who registered for the live event for this  presenter to receive a free individual lifetime membership to valued at $399/year US. We will also give away 1 Premium Annual Membership Valued at $270 US to the Winners to be announced at the end of the presentation. You do not need to be present to win. (Current members will have their memberships amended)

GOATS Gifts: Registrants will have more opportunities to win super cool prizes from our awesome sponsors (scroll to the bottom of the page to view some of our supporters). Winners to be announced at the end of the presentation. You do not need to be present to win.


We have some great sponsors supporting this educational opportunity. These sponsors were also selected because we believe in their products. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some of our sponsors.

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As an animal training consultant who prior to the pandemic traveled the world I have been fortunate to get the know some brilliant animal professionals. I have often felt that my own professional growth and development can be attributed to having the opportunity to do many things with our presenters including:  train animals, engage in deep discussions, develop projects, teach workshops, present at conferences, interview them for my podcast and learn from their presentations, to name just a few.  These are the people who raise everyone up. They may not be out there seeking the spotlight, even though they deserve it in my opinion.  I am excited to be able to bring them to you, especially during a time when travel has become a greater challenge for many.

Believe it or not I had the idea for GOATS in the "before times", that is pre-pandemic. I even had the logo and the domain name already in place. But traveling around the world for animal training consulting work made it difficult to find time to organize this event. When our world changed drastically it became clear it was really time for GOATS to go, go, go! Additionally technology made it easier to organize online events. So perhaps the idea isn't so original anymore, but that is OK, because now it is easier to accomplish. And with my online education platform in place, 2020 was the time to bring you these great presenters and excellent information.  The exotic animal training community was in need of an affordable opportunity to share expert knowledge more globally at a live event. The first GOATS was so well received, we are back with our amazing line up, topics and demonstrations. I can't wait for you to join us for more learning. ~  Barbara Heidenreich



Here are the main items to know. More details can be found on the Terms and Policies Page

Refunds: Refunds are permitted up to seven days before the event for which you have registered. Minus a $5 service charge. This is because merchant servers charge a fee we do not recover for refunds. Refunds are not provided on the recorded material. To request a refund, please email You will need to provide the email with which you used to make the purchase.

Recording: Personal recording with your own equipment is not permitted. Please see the Terms and Policies Page for more information.

Conduct: We do have a Code of Coduct. Please see the Terms and Policies Page for more information.

Agree: By registering for this event you agree to the Terms, Policies and the Code of Conduct. Please see the Terms and Policies Page for more information.


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