Animal Training Fundamentals Credentialing Program: Support Level

800 Points

This badge signifies the completion of the following courses.

Behavior Science

  • SCIENCE: What Happened to the Science in Science-based Training?
  • SCIENCE: The Science of Behavior Change
  • SCIENCE: The Secret Life of the If/Then Contingency
  • SCIENCE: Beyond ABC: Improving Interventions and Animal Welfare with Nonlinear Contingency Analysis
  • SCIENCE: You Be the Behavior Consultant – Getting Past Hypothetical Constructs, Explanatory Fictions, and Circular Reasoning for Behavior
  • SCIENCE: Advances in Animal Training that are Improving Welfare


Practical Application

  • PRACTICAL APPLICATION: How to Train a New Behavior
  • PRACTICAL APPLICATION: A Solid Foundation Rocks!
  • PRACTICAL APPLICATION: You Be the Behavior Consultant – Using the SMART Model to Set and Achieve your Animal Training Goals


Program Development

  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Identifying Behavior Goals and Documentation – Setting Up Your Training Program
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Money Talks! – The Economic Value of Zoo Animal Training – GOATS 2022
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT:: Fostering an Animal Training Culture
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Time Management for Animal Training
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: You Be the Behavior Consultant – Encouraging People to Train. Strategies for Overcoming Barriers to Meeting Training Objectives
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: You Be the Behavior Consultant – Addressing Resistance to Change


Recommended Reading

  • RECOMMENDED READING: EAZA Animal Training Guidelines
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