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Enjoy this preview of the DVD Train Your Parrot to Talk from Barbara Heidenreich

In this DVD professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich teaches you how to train a parrot to talk. She addresses common myths about talking parrots, which birds make ideal candidates for talking, the most effective ways to expose your parrot to sounds you want repeated, proven methods for encouraging your parrot to vocalize and most importantly how to train your parrot to talk on cue. Also included is an appearance by Einstein, the Talking Texan Parrot, plus an interview with her human companions.

Enjoy this Preview of the Webinar Recording of The Constructional Approach to Addressing Fear Responses and Aggressive Behavior

When parrots show fear responses or aggressive behavior, traditionally our first step has involved delivering preferred food items. But some animals present such extreme responses in the presence of humans, that food holds little value. Trying to use systematic desensitization and keeping animals below threshold can be challenging to apply due to many reasons. And results are often slowly realized in these cases, if at all. The constructional approach empowers birds to replace fear or aggressive behavior with responses desired by their caregivers. This presentation will show video examples of how the constructional approach is helping birds (and other animals) and improving animal welfare.

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