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It has been a long time coming, but I have finally worked out the technology so that I could bring all my parrot training resources together under one location. With just a little more work I am now able to separate the parrot resources from the rest of my material (working with zoos and many other species) so that people who really only wanted resources just on training parrots could get access to exactly what they desired. So here they are! All compiled into one place for parrot enthusiasts. I hope you can take advantage of this special membership option just for parrot training and behavior enthusiasts. ~ Barbara Heidenreich

Here's is What is Included in Your Membership

All Barbara's DVDs

All Barbara's Webinar Recordings

All Back Issues of Good Bird Magazine

Here is a bit more information. The following includes all the titles for the DVDs, Webinars, more information on the magazines, additional instructional videos as well as some of the features of the membership program.


Parrot Behavior and Training

Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam

Understanding Parrot Body Language

Get Your Bird Back (When a Flighted Parrot Escapes)

Train Your Parrot to Talk

The Basics of Parrot Training (A Live Workshop)

A Good Start to a Good Bird

Bringing Birdie Home

Train Your Parrot to Accept Oral Medications


Addressing Screaming for Attention in Companion Parrots

Train Your Parrot to Step Up

Solutions for Biting and Aggressive Behavior in Companion Parrots

Fixing Fear Responses and Building Trust with Companion Parrots

Solutions for Parrot Behavior Problems Related to Hormones

How to Train Your Parrot

Stress Free Veterinary Care for Companion Parrots

Training Rescued and/or Re-Homed Parrots

Becoming a Better Parrot Trainer. Practical Application Skills That Make a Difference

Flight Training for Companion Parrots

The Constructional Approach to Addressing Fear Responses and Aggressive Behavior (Plus Spanish version)


Every issue ever published

28 individual magazines

PDF format


All content is digital

All content is stored online

Content is viewable from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone)

Immediate access

Re-watch content over and over!

One time fee as opposed to re-occurring.

FAQs and How to Join

How long is my membership valid?

This is a lifetime membership. This means you pay the membership fee one time to gain access to the content. You will not need to renew to gain access in the future.


Can I see an example of the content?

Yes! Please CLICK HERE to see clips from one of Barbara's DVDs and a webinar as well as download a sample Good Bird Magazine.


Do I need internet access to view the content?

The DVDs and the webinars are hosted on Vimeo and streamed on the site. This means you do need to be in a country that allows Vimeo (some countries ban sites like Vimeo and Youtube) You do not have to have an internet connection but if you are using a smartphone, watching videos through the site will use data.


Can I download the content after I access it?

The videos can only be watched on the site. Our terms prohibit downloading or capturing video from the site. However there is some written material and audio material that is downloadable.


Will there be new content added in the future?

This membership option applies to currently available products only.


Purchased separately 6 DVDs, 11 webinars and 28 magazines is normally about a $500 investment. I am happy to be able to offer lifetime access to all this great content (including the recently added Constructional Approach to Addressing Fear Responses and Aggressive Behavior) for just $189.00