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This badge signifies earners have listened to the podcast C.A.T. with Kellie Snider Constructional Aggression Treatment, also known as CAT, first debuted in the animal training community in 2007 when Kellie Snider made the procedure the focus of her thesis. Since then it has been fine-tuned, practiced, applied and successfully replicated countless of times with a wide variety of species. Kellie and I discuss what inspired her studies and why it is such an important procedure for improving animal welfare. We also get into the mechanics of practical application and some points to consider for those new to the procedure. If you have been on the fence about CAT, we also clear up the confusion by diving into the behavior science behind function-based interventions. CAT fans and fans to be, will love this episode. Visit the episode webpage for links to Kellie’s book and webinar on CAT.

Listening time approx 55 minutes

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