Fear Free Avian Care

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This badge signifies earners have listened to the podcast Make Medical Care Fear Free for Your Birds. Discover how veterinary professionals, trainers and animal caregivers are working together to make fear free medicine a reality for avian patients. Every detail from what you can do at home, to how the patient is welcomed into the clinic, as well as what happens in the exam room is taken into consideration. While training in advance is certainly recommended, you will discover training is just one part of the strategy. Exotic animal veterinarian Dr Alicia McLaughlin and parrot behavior consultant Pamela Clark are my special guests. They along with Dr Anneliese Strunk and yours truly, are the co-authors of the recently released Fear Free Avian Medicine Certification Course. If you care for birds, this episode is definitely for you! We cover a lot of material you won’t want to miss.

Listening time approx 60 minutes

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