History of Giraffe Training

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This badge signifies the user has listened to the podcast The History of Giraffe Training with Amy Phelps. Amy Phelps is truly a pioneer in giraffe training. In this episode she shares the inspiring history of training giraffes. This is a rare opportunity to hear directly from someone who was there from the beginning, training behaviors for the very first time that have now become standard in the industry, such as training voluntary hoof care. You will get to hear the origin story of the firehose barrier so commonly used today, and its pros and cons. What is also significant is that Amy’s journey has progressed and continues to evolve. She shares exciting advances that have allowed her teams to expand far beyond a handful of behaviors. Amy also shares tactics to move past “doing things to giraffes while they stand there and tolerate it” and why this is so important to supporting assent-based training programs. This interview is packed with useful information for trainers of all species, not just giraffes. I am confident you will enjoy learning from Amy as much as I did.

Listening time approx 1 hour.

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