Improving Animal Welfare with Science

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This badge signifies earners have listened to the podcast Improving Animal Welfare with Science with Eddie Fernandez, PhD and Rickey Kinley Do you have a feeling something you are doing or would like to do could improve animal welfare? Have you thought about collecting data, evaluating your results, and publishing it so others can benefit? My guests in this episode are Dr Eddie Fernandez and Rickey Kinley. They share how zoos can participate in scientific studies to improve animal welfare. They give great tips on how to establish crucial relationships, what is required to conduct a study, how studies can be accomplished with one or many animals, and how to get the ball rolling! Behavior, enrichment, and animal welfare are hot topics in our field. Facilities caring for animals large and small have the potential to keep providing data and information that supports progress. Learn how you can get involved. Visit the episode webpage for links to publications and lots of additional resources.

Listening time approx 1 hour 30 minutes

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