Improving Training with Evidence

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This badge signifies earners have listened to the podcast Improving Training with Evidence with Dr Erica Feuerbacher. Are you absolutely convinced your dog loves it when you talk to him? My special guest is behavior analyst Dr Erica Feuerbacher. She explores questions like this and more. Her research has looked at whether dogs prefer petting over praise and what consequences function best as reinforcers. In this fun interview we discuss the many things that have been learned from studying dog behavior. We also discuss the questions that remain to be answered. We touch on belief systems that can cloud our thinking and help remind us why behavior science is such an invaluable tool for getting to the heart of why behavior is occurring. This episode is super educational, and Dr Erica makes the science accessible. You will definitely want to check out the episode webpage to read the articles mentioned and watch the Columban Simulation video clips. You will never look at your dog, a pigeon or maybe yourself in the same way again.

Listening time approx 1 hour

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