Manage the Environment

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This badge signifies earners have listened to the podcast Manage the Environment to Get Behavior. In this episode I get into one of my favorite subjects. It’s not so much about knowing scientific terminology, but it does require some specialized skill sets. I do think every trainer needs to be a little bit of an engineer, a physicist, an artist and most definitely an ethologist. All these skills combine to help trainers see ways in which we can manipulate the environment to make it more likely animals will easily give us behavior that we can reinforce. The environment can include objects with which we need the animal to engage. The environment can also include the space we are going to utilize to train the behavior. This may need to be modified to increase comfort and/or to facilitate creating desired actions. All of this requires a lot of creative thinking and attention to detail. Check out the podcast to learn more and get lots of real-life examples. Visit the episode webpage for photos, links, and video examples.

Listening time approx 30 minutes

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