The Power of Proper Attribution

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This badge signifies the user has listened to the three part series The Power of Proper Attribution. Barbara narrates “Freeing the Crabs from the Bucket. Reaching Our Potential by Recognizing Others.” This 24-page article is explained by the abstract:

The metaphor of “Crabs in a Bucket” vividly depicts the practice of hindering others’ progress or success to propel oneself forward, which ultimately holds back the entire group. This metaphor is particularly relevant to the training and behavior industry. This in-depth commentary discusses the importance of crediting intellectual property, defining plagiarism, and highlighting its impact on individuals and the industry. It also addresses common challenges and misconceptions about proper citation and credit options and provides valuable resources to help individuals learn how to attribute intellectual property appropriately. By freeing the crabs from the bucket and allowing them to fulfill their potential, practitioners can advance the animal training industry and freely contribute to a diverse world of information sharing. Learn how promoting ethical practices and supporting the work of our predecessors can create a brighter future for animal trainers and the industry.

Listening time approx 1 hour

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