Training Marine Mammals

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This badge signifies earners have listened to the podcast Training Marine Mammals with Maggie Gonio and Andy Ferris Working with marine mammals is often identified as the dream job for many pursuing a career in animal training. Although I personally went a different direction to learn about training, I have had a number of good friends gain their training chops working with marine mammals. My guests in this episode are colleagues from my early days in the zoological field who became seasoned pros working with a variety of marine mammal species as well as many other animals. Andy Ferris and Maggie Gonio give us insights into the differences of working with species typically seen in managed care, share some fascinating behaviors trained with marine mammals, surprise us with marine mammal ingenuity and most importantly provide advice for those interested in becoming a marine mammal trainer. We cover much more, including tips for getting fish smell off of your hands! Visit the episode web page for additional resources on marine mammal training.

Listening time approx 1 hour

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