Training Orangutans for Cardiac Care

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This badge signifies earners have listened to the podcast Training Orangutans for Cardiac Care. Whether you work with great apes or not you have to listen to this episode! Here is why. This episode is all about making a difference. It is also a great reminder that everyone has the power to make changes that can have a tremendous impact on animal welfare. As you listen to this episode, I encourage you to think about the similarities to training a new behavior. It all starts with what you can do now and how you can build upon that beginning. My special guests Emily Ellison of Cameron Park Zoo and Laura Klutts of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo took the inspiration they experienced from a learning opportunity and helped grow this into an in-depth Great Ape Cardiac Workshop. If you are working with primates, you will be further inspired by the information that is being collected and shared at this event. We covered a lot of details in the podcast, including the dates for the next event. Visit the episode web page for links to the workshop and super inspiring video clips courtesy of Waco City Cable Channel.

Listening time approx 35 minutes.

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