How Trained Birds are Advancing Technology with Dr David Lentink

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Episode - 25  February 2021

Host: Barbara Heidenreich

Guests: Professor David Lentink - Aerospace Engineer (BSc and MSc) and Biologist (PhD and Postdoc) by training, studying animal flight as an inspiration for engineering design.

I am often reminded of all the incredible things animals and training brings to the world. My guest this episode is the perfect example. You are going to love this fascinating interview with zoologist and engineer Dr David Lentink. David has merged his passion for nature and technology to study flight. He runs the Bio-Inspired Research and Design (BIRD) Lab at Stanford University. We discussed training various species of birds, training in wind tunnels, examining exquisite details of how birds fly, training a parrot to wear goggles, using technology to facilitate stress free restraint for health care, flying robots and so much more.  I could have talked with David for hours! There was so much interesting material to cover. Visit the episode web page for links to articles and video clips mentioned in the interview.

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Links and Resources:


Video on the wind tunnel. Visit the Lentink Lab Page for more videos.

Video of Obi and his 3D printed goggles. Visit the Lentink Lab Page for more videos.

Video of transport box and perches that measure what happens when birds hop/fly from perch to perch. Visit the Lentink Lab Page for more videos.

Dr David Lentink

Contact Dr Lentink: Visit the Stanford University Site

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