Maximizing the Conference Experience

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Episode - 39  October, 2023

Host: Barbara Heidenreich

In this episode we explore how conferences help you unlock the power of connection. We discover how to maximize the conference experience by delving into networking strategies, hidden learning opportunities, staying healthy to go the distance, and the importance of professionalism. From navigating over stimulation to starting meaningful conversations, we explore the pivotal strategies and insider tips that transform the conference experience into an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Whether you're a seasoned attendee or a first-time conference-goer, this podcast episode aims to equip you with the tools to amplify your networking prowess and make conferences memorable milestones in your professional journey.

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Heidenreich, B. (Producer/Writer). (2023, October 22). Maximizing the Conference Experience. [Audio Podcast] Animal Training Fundamentals with Barbara Heidenreich. https://animaltrainingfundamentals.com/podcasts/maximizing-the-conference-experience/

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Host Bio:

Barbara Heidenreich

Barbara Heidenreich is an animal training consultant specializing in exotic animals. She consults worldwide working with zoos, universities, veterinary professionals, and conservation projects. She has worked onsite with over 90 facilities in 29 countries. She is an adjunct instructor at Texas A & M University. She has authored two books and contributed to four veterinary textbooks. She is a co-author of two Fear Free® Avian Certification Courses. Much of her work focuses on training exotic species to improve animal welfare. She operates the online education program  AnimalTrainingFundamentals.com. This virtual learning program features award winning courses, tracks to guide professional development, verifiable badges to share and prove course completion, community, and more. Barbara is an advisor for the Animal Training Working Group and the Parrot Taxon Advisory Group for the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. She also serves as Co-Chair for the Zoological Association of America Animal Training Committee and is a founding member of the committee. She has provided her expertise to conservation projects The Kakapo Recovery Program and The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. She has a Bachelor of Science in zoology and has begun the journey towards a Master of Science in applied behavior analysis. Her goal is to leave behind a legacy of kindness to animals by sharing her expertise.

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