How I Learned to Love the Learning Processes (aka The 4 Quadrants)


This course is a great eye opener on how the 4 quadrants are everywhere! And influencing behavior all the time. I cannot recommend it enough.

Why and how learning occurs is often overly simplified by the good intentions of experts and layman alike (see “What Happened to the Science in Science-based Training?) One result is that good trainers committed to building strong behavior using positive reinforcement begin to only recognize positive reinforcement in their training environments. Social and professional pressures shape the behavior of humans, and today’s trainer is often reinforced for seeing – and verbally identifying – only positive reinforcement contingencies. Such pressures limit a practitioners’ ability to accurately observe and describe learning processes as they occur in real time.

In this lecture, recordings of different species of animals in the process of learning will be comprehensively analyzed. You, the viewer, will then have the opportunity to see not only what you want to see (i.e., what is presently being socially reinforced), but what is actually happening as defined by all four learning processes. The viewer can observe how the ever-changing environment continually adjusts the contingencies that control an animal’s behavior. The animal then responds to these overlapping contingencies and learns what to do. After viewing this lecture, trainers may be better able to recognize the elegant complexity of the natural learning process and realize why one truly begins to apply the science of behavior change after they remove labels such as “good” or “bad” from the four learning processes.