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Whenever you are ready, here are multiple ways I can help you. On this page you will be able to learn more about my resources for parrot enthusiasts, get access to the lectures from the Global Online Animal Training Summit, take a free course, submit an animal training question, find the link to my podcast episode pages, join my YOU be the Behavior Consultant sessions and learn more about my online animal training education program. Scroll down for more information. ~ Barbara

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Dear Friends, I have been wearing a brave face for several months. However it is time to share what I have been going through. It breaks my heart to ask you amazing people for support, but I am truly out of options. If you believe suppressing the voices of those who speak up for animal welfare is wrong, if at some point you have learned something from me or the resources I have created, I hope you will be willing to help me save my livelihood so that I can continue to teach kind and gentle ways to help animals.  Your support means more than I can possibly express. You can find more details about what I am facing at this link.

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Are you ready for Effective, Efficient and Optimal Behavior Intervention Guidelines? Then you must be BIG for Animals!! We gathered a team of international, multi-species, animal, and behavior science experts to develop this free resource for trainers. What can you expect? Ethology, behavior analysis, practical application, videos, graphics, common mistakes to avoid, easy to use download, and additional resources. Learn how you can improve animal welfare. Visit

What is GOATS?

GOATS is going through a change! Instead of a summit it is now a series! It is still catered towards professionals and aspiring professionals who work with exotic animals in managed care. This series is primarily focused on providing participants with information designed to enhance practical application skills and knowledge. There is also a special emphasis on providing evidence based information. Presenters have been carefully chosen for their quality content and engaging presentation skills. This series also features live training demonstrations from around the world.  Participants also have the opportunity to partake in a Mastermind Sessions in which we discuss a hot topics in the animal training field.

Our registration has been revised so that participants can register for individual presentations. However members of can attend GOATS as part of their membership benefits! This is a significant savings. Members also receive verifiable badges automatically for attending the live presentation. Members can also watch the recording later. Those of you who have already registered will get access to the presentations that were originally scheduled for 2021 and have been re-scheduled for 2022 or if you are a member we will refund your purchase. Visit to learn more and to register for the latest event. 

YOU be the Behavior the Consultant is an interactive live streaming event offered Mondays at 11:00 AM Central time. Take a walk in my shoes. Join me on a behavior consultation with an exotic species where YOU get to be the behavior consultant. You will discover things that may sound familiar and also things that might be unique and important to the species in front of you. Either way you are guaranteed to learn something! These events will be streaming from my YouTube page

Use this time and date converter to determine when the Live Stream is for your part of the world. Streaming from Austin, TX USA.

The Animal Training Fundamentals Podcast with Barbara Heidenreich 

Where we have "fun" with practical application and we get "mental" with behavior science. Join Barbara as she dives deep into details to help you solve behavior problems and reach your animal training goals with everything from rabbits to rhinos.

There have been a number of voluntary diagnostic behaviors that have become standard training goals for animals in managed care. Some of these include training animals to stand on scales, hold position for hand injections, present hooves for trimming, and blood collection among others. With the introduction of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV2, we believe it is time to consider adding voluntary intranasal and/or oral swabs as behaviors to practice regularly especially with those species most vulnerable to the virus.

Animal Training Consultant Barbara Heidenreich, Annette Pedersen (Animal Training Coordinator at the Copenhagen Zoo), Veterinary Staff and Zookeepers from the Copenhagen Zoo have collaborated to create the course. We are very happy to share this (and encourage sharing) so that other zoos can utilize this information to easily collect samples as needed

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It has been a long time coming, but I have finally worked out the technology so that I could bring all my parrot training resources together under one location. With just a little more work I am now able to separate the parrot resources from the rest of my material (working with zoos and many other species) so that people who really only wanted resources just on training parrots could get access to exactly what they desired. So here they are! All compiled into one place for parrot enthusiasts. I hope you can take advantage of this special parrot membership option just for parrot training and behavior enthusiasts. ~ Barbara Heidenreich

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