Sponsor-GOATS Donation

Virtual Swag Bag and/or Product Pledge 

Benefits to Sponsors:

  • Virtual Swag Bag insert option (Recommendations include discount codes, free offers, free trial, informative brochures, articles, downloads, pdfs with links to videos, etc.)
  • Donation of Product or Service option for daily drawings

To select this sponsorship option please fill out the form below.  Once you have confirmed your support, you will be directed as to how to get your materials to us. We will also provide some helpful tips and ideas for what makes great Virtual Swag. We most definitely appreciate your support in making GOATS a great experience.

Fill Out This Short Form to Confirm Your Donation to the Virtual Swag Bag and Daily Drawings

You will be emailed instructions on how to submit your donation as well as reminders when materials should be received in order to maximize exposure . Once completed, you will be taken to our Sponsor Dashboard page where you can find all information relevant to sponsors and download Virtual Swag Bag ideas to help promote your products and services.