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First things first, watch the video below for a tour of the site and how to use its features. Then follow the steps below the video.

Next Steps:


Personalize Your Profile

Add your profile photo and “about me” information in the community. Click here to visit the Forum. Then click on the arrow next to your username at the top of the page. Choose “profile” and start personalizing your page.


Introduce Yourself in the Forum

Get to know your force free family. Click here to write your first post and tell us a little about yourself, the animals you train, and your training goals and challenges.


Take Your First Course!

Browse our categories and take your first course. If you are new to training an excellent first course is How to Train a New Behavior. If you are looking for advanced material, try the award winning Training Animals for Euthanasia.


Track Your Professional Development

When you take a course or lesson, indicate you have completed it, bookmark it or favorite it by checking the appropriate icon on the bottom of the page. This will be recorded in your profile. Go to the Dashboard. Look for the Professional Development button. Check to see if you can earn a badge for your work to add to your resume or performance evaluation.

Having problems accessing the site? No worries, just click here and we’ll get things sorted out for you.

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