Upcoming Events


May 9, 2022 E-lasmo Conference Virtual Event. Barbara will be presenting at this event on The Secret Life of the If/Then Contingency: Six Hidden Ways the 4 Quadrants are Impacting your Training. Visit this link to learn more.

May 28-30, 2022, 48th Annual Applied Behavior Analysis International Conference Boston. MA, USA. Barbara will be presenting at this conference. Her presentation is part of a symposium on the constructional approach. Please see her abstract below. Visit this link to learn more.

Hope for the Hopeless. Transforming the Behavior of Exotic Animals Once Thought Impossible to Train

The zoo animal training community provides a unique environment to demonstrate the importance of a constructional approach to improving animal welfare. The contemporary zoo animal professional is training a wide variety of species to cooperate in their own medical care (and day-to-day care.) This can include parrots presenting body parts for injections, gorillas opening mouths for tooth brushing, giraffes presenting hooves for trimming, and tigers participating in voluntary intra-nasal swabs to evaluate for COVID-19. These impressive behaviors have inspired many animal training communities. For some animals, behaviors such as these can present challenges due to a history of the use of coercion to gain cooperation. This often results in animals emitting escape and avoidance behaviors or aggressive responses in the presence of people and objects associated with these experiences. A constructional approach provides a procedure to transform avoidance behavior into affiliative responses. Constructional Aggression Treatment can replace aggressive behavior with calm responses. Using a constructional approach allows new desired responses to be shaped in the presence of these stimuli, which results in significantly improved welfare of animals once thought impossible to train.

July  25-30, 2022  Constructional Approach to Animal Welfare and Training Conference. Visit this link to learn more. Barbara will be presenting at this event.

August 5th, 2022 10th Annual Ethics in Professional Practice Conference, Beverly, MA Visit this link to learn more.

September 22-24, 2022 Southwest Veterinary Symposium Fort Worth, TX, USA. Barbara will be presenting at this event. 

September 27- October 1, 2022. European Zoos and Aquarium Association Conference. Portugal.


Dates TBD, 2023 Postponed until 2023 The Art and Science of Animal Training Conference Hurst, TX USA. Visit this link to learn more.