Video Examples: Chapter 46 CVT, Volume II

The following videos are provided courtesy of Barbara Heidenreich and They are intended to support Chapter 46 CVT, Volume II

1. Parrot Crate Behavior

Help your clients and patients succeed by identifying and prioritizing behaviors that would facilitate a stress-free veterinary visit. Would the patient benefit from some work on crate training? Training this behavior can be a first important step in reducing stress.

2. Weighing Macaw Countertop

Client compliance should be celebrated. Getting regular weights on patients is valuable information. Reinforce your clients by sharing their successes (with permission) on social media, on waiting room video feeds or bulletin boards.

3. Weighing Protected Contact

Some clients may need extra guidance if their birds are more challenging. This video demonstrates how a parrot can be weighed with protected contact and without having to leave its enclosure.

4. Practice Oral Meds

One step in follow up care is to identify treatment protocols of the patient that will require maintenance by the client and therefore client education. This may require making sure clients are comfortable administering oral medications before patients leave the clinic. This is a great behavior to start with well bird exams and have clients practice with preferred food items such a cooked sweet potato or butternut squash.

5. Towel Nail Trim

Birds can develop severe problems as a result of inappropriate grooming. Encouraging clients to train birds to be comfortable with regular nail trims prevents stressful capture and restraint, as well as infrequent nail trims in which the nails are cut too short causing pain and bleeding.

6. Injection Training Steps

The following video clip highlights some of the steps of the shaping plan described in this chapter used to train birds to voluntarily participate in injections. Even if the behavior has not been trained to completion, stress can be significantly reduced or eliminated as is evidenced by the West Nile vaccination delivered to the blue and gold macaw at the end of the clip.

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