Building Optimal Animal Training Procedures

50 Points

This badge signifies the completion of the course Building Optimal Animal Training Procedures.

In this course we covered how procedures draw upon practical application skills and conceptual knowledge. We explored how behavior analysts have identified dimensions or tactics to guide how procedures are identified, developed, and implemented. We looked at video examples to analyze how procedures can be deceptively more complex than what they may appear on the surface. But like most complex things, they can be broken down into smaller more easily understood elements. We then explored the idea of helping trainers become better at building optimal procedures by building fluency in the small components that work together in the procedure. We concluded by identifying a potential set of foundation skills for animal trainers to learn to fluency first to possibly open the door to much faster growth and learning (like a behavioral cusp). This may allow trainers to combine skills in novel ways to solve problems and reach goals more efficiently and effectively.

This course takes 1 hour to complete.

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