“Crate” Training Animals: Deep Dive

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There are many compelling reasons to crate-train animals. These can include transportation, facilitating medical care, day-to-day care, providing conservation education, addressing behavior problems, or learning new behaviors.

The design or features of the crate are a very important part of crate training. It is essential to know and understand the species you are training in order to identify the best crate and features. This means you need to know the needs of your species and the individual.

There are numerous ways to get the behavior started that will differ depending on the species and individual animal.

Animals may show a fear response to entering the crate, having the door closed or to the crate moving. Especially if they have had a bad experience in the past. These can all be overcome with the proper procedure.

Once the behavior is trained, it does require work to maintain it as well as generalize it to new locations and people. However, it is well worth it as crate training is essential and a foundation behavior used for so much of what we do to provide optimal welfare for animals.

This course takes 1 hour to complete.

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