Dissemination Practices

50 Points

This badge signifies completion of the course Dissemination Practices of Animal Training Information.

It is really exciting to see that animal training is on a pathway towards becoming more respected as a profession and hard science. However, to support this we also find ourselves evaluating the way we disseminate and consume information produced by and for this industry.  For this information to be considered valuable, unbiased, evidence-based content, producers and consumers can implement checks and balances to ensure the focus is not on “being right” but on sharing quality information so we all can improve our practices. Ideally content producers will self-monitor their own work for common persuasion tactics before releasing it. However, consumers also have the power to call attention and ask for corrections when materials are not meeting criteria. This can help our industry continue to raise the bar.

This course takes about 1 hour to complete.

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