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This was a very detailed course with many video examples! Stimulus generalization and response generalization are different than programming for generalization. Usually when animal trainers talk about generalization, we mean programming for generalization. This means the background stimuli will change, and we want a focal behavior to be emitted (fluently) under these new conditions. This requires us to identify what the new conditions will be (which could be many). It helps to have a plan for how those conditions will be introduced. There are also strategies that can be implemented that will minimize their impact on the focal behavior. There are several common mistakes that can hinder progress on programming for generalization. However, significant tactics to avoid that can impact welfare are deprivation to potentiate reinforcers and providing no degrees of freedom. Overall, programming for generalization can play an important role in many areas of animal training including training for medical care, day to day care, educational programming,  working animals and more. This course contains a plethora of useful practical application information for achieving programming for generalization goals.

This course takes 1 hour to complete.



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