Giving Effective Feedback to Animal Trainers

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In this course, we explore the transformative power of feedback as a catalyst for behavioral change. Emphasizing the significance of the process over mere outcomes, the course underscores that feedback, when delivered with genuine support and authenticity, elicits the most substantial shifts in behavior. The integration of graphical displays, verbal explanations, and written descriptions is highlighted as an effective approach, yielding significant changes in participants’ actions. The curriculum underscores the importance of focusing on behaviors rather than the individual, creating a conducive environment for openness to feedback. Advanced planning is presented as a means to potentially reduce the necessity for feedback, fostering a collaborative approach to attaining training goals. The course encourages treating corrective feedback as valuable information for improvement, stressing the need for specific details to enhance its effectiveness. Participants are guided to be conscientious in the timing and quantity of feedback provided, ensuring optimal results. Moreover, the course promotes embracing the phrase “I don’t know,” recognizing it as a gateway to enhanced receptiveness. Through these principles, participants are equipped with the tools to navigate feedback with mindfulness, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

This course takes approx 1 hour to complete.

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