Motivating Operations

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This course covers the following:

  • Motivating operations are any conditions (including the state of the animal) that influence the value of the reinforcer.
  • This can include how much work the animal has to do to acquire the reinforcer (the antecedent architecture)
  • This can include if the animal is hungry, sick, tired, reproductive, etc.
  • They are what we call value altering in that they alter the value of the reinforcer. (Establishing operations and abolishing operations)
  • And they are behavior altering. Because they will either evoke behavior or abate behavior.
  • We influence MO’s all the time! Antecedent architecture, managing diets, time of day we train, schedules of reinforcement, who trains, difficulty of behavior, reinforcer selection, errorless learning, etc. This is a combo of many strategies/skills. Experienced trainers learn to use everything.
  • Some motivating operations are unlearned. These include the following : Food deprivation, Water deprivation, Sleep deprivation, Activity deprivation, Oxygen deprivation, Sex deprivation, Becoming too warm, Becoming too cold, Increase in painful stimulus (Animal will do the behavior required to either access or avoid these items/experiences as reinforcers)
  • There are also learned or conditioned motivating operations = neutral stimuli that gain their value through pairing

This course takes 1 hour to complete.

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