Planning for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

50 Points

This badge signifies completion of the course Planning for the Best-Case Training Scenario, While Being Prepared for the Worst.

The four phase emergency management model is a helpful system for helping us think about how we can set ourselves up for successful animal training sessions. It helps us maximize benefits and minimize risks by focusing on doing work up front. Most of the work is done in our mitigation and preparedness phase so that if we need to respond, it is almost automatic. This approach considers that there can be any variety of scenarios. It also prepares us to respond early before a situation truly becomes a “worst” case scenario.  If an undesired event does happen, it also reminds us to evaluate and learn from these incidents to better prepare ourselves in the future. It is unlikely every training session will proceed without incident. Planning for those incidents can make a big difference in how much those incidents impact behavior and your session.

This course takes about 1 hour to complete.

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