Station Training Practical Application

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This is a very detailed course with many video examples! Stationing is what most trainers consider a foundation behavior. It is a behavior that is often taught prior to training other behaviors. Key components to station training include deciding what position, where the animal will station, and what duration is required. Frequent reinforcement for the desired position helps animals understand where to “station” in the initial stages. This schedule can be thinned as the animal learns to wait. Stationing groups of animals can be extremely useful, especially when one animal tends to monopolize resources. Once trained, a single trainer can often  manage numerous animals. Once the stationing behavior is established it can serve many purposes that are supportive to a force free approach to animal training. This includes managing day to day care,  training for medical care, and addressing undesired responses. This course contains a plethora of useful practical application information for achieving station training goals.

This course takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete.

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