The Power of Precise and Strategic Food Delivery in Animal Training

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This course dives deep into “feeding for position,” a powerful training technique for animal trainers. It explores how strategically placing food can reinforce desired behaviors like staying in specific locations, holding body parts in position, and initiating movement.Through real-world examples, this course explores how this technique can be applied to stationing animals, teaching precise body positioning for medical procedures, shaping specific desired movements, and even setting the stage for learning new behaviors. This course explains and shows how repeatedly delivering food in specific contexts builds a strong reinforcement history for those behaviors, encouraging the animal to repeat them. More than just a technique, “feeding for position” can be a mindset shift for some animal trainers. It emphasizes the importance of clearly defining desired behaviors, creating an environment that facilitates generating responses, and actively observing and reinforcing the animal’s actions. The course also acknowledges potential challenges, such as food-hand awareness, and the mechanics of food delivery. It offers tips and additional resources. Whether you’re a seasoned animal trainer or just starting out, this course offers valuable insights into using “feeding for position” to train and manage your animals effectively.

This course takes 1 hour to complete.

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